Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Password Is...

Alright, I've set up the Blawgers Baseball League.

Please email me for a password. We also have our own URL, for easy bookmarking.

There are a few things that we didn't discuss that need to be decided before the season opens.

First, do we want to keep going head-to-head? I like head-to-head, and I didn't hear anyone else complain about it... but if I hear any strong objections, I'll open up another blogpoll on the issue.

And, then there's the issue of stat categories. I took Gideon's comments on statistical categories into account and mashed with some of my favorites. So, here's what I'm thinking: A 6x6 with the following categories:
Runs Scored
Stolen Bases

K/BB aka SOWR or Strike Out Walk Ratio

I think this is a happy mixture of the old school stats that we've all come to know and love (i.e. average and ERA), plus the new school more "reliable" statistics that those crazy kids are so into these days (i.e. OPS and K/BB).

Other random crap:
I made the maximum number of teams 16. (I think we had 12 last year.) We don't have to fill all 16, but we do need an even number before we open the draft.

No maximums on trades or acquisitions. Because I like to see people mix it up a bit.

I made our trade deadline 8/12, because I like having it after the real trade deadline, which I think is late July.

Dropped players will be on waivers for one day.

The minimum innings per team per week is 14. I'd be willing to go higher but probably not lower.

I made 2 DL spots. I think that's what we had last year, and I think it means you have to carefully evaluate whether or not you want to hold onto your injured players. (And you can always use one of your 5 bench spots for short-term injuries.)

And roster changes will appear the next day.

Finally, we decided on the keeper league. As of this year, Yahoo! only allows keeper leagues in their "PLUS" (paid) features. So, I guess if we want to do this, what I could do is: at the end of the year, I could save everyone's roster. Then, at the beginning of next year, we could decide whether we want to pay to do "PLUS" (as of this year, the fee is $24.99 for the first team, additional teams at a 50% discount OR $124.99 to purchase a Custom League of up to 20 teams.) If we do, then I would just let everyone choose their 3 players they want to save, and enter them before the draft. So, I guess it's really a decision we'll need to make next year.

So, I think that's all. Leave a comment and let me know if you're happy and you know it...


Gideon said...

Looks good. Btw, I didn't re-vote, so I don't know where that discrepancy came from.

As for the keeper league, we don't have to pay or anything. All we need to do is figure out who we want to "keep" for next year and then in the draft pre-rank our Top 5 (they'll all be different), that way the Yahoo! autodraft will draft our "keepers" for us first and then move on to the regular draft.

Gideon said...

So Commish, when are you going to set the draft for?

Dave said...

Yea...I agree with gideon about the keep league.

We don't need to join the plus league - we just pre-rank our keepers, and in turn move others' keepers to the no side.

Blonde Justice said...

Wow, you guys are all so smart!

I guess we'll play it by ear on the draft date for now... see how many people sign up and everything.