Monday, February 12, 2007

League settings

Since the start of the season is just days away, it's time to start thinking about the league, the draft and other related items.

First on the agenda are the categories. In case you forgot, last year we had a 6x6 league:


What should this year's categories be? Do we keep them the same, do we add new ones and remove old ones? Post your thoughts here.

Other popular options for hitting categories are: OBP, OPS, SLG. For pitching: Holds.

Next on the agenda is the question of the draft. Normally, we've done an auto-draft where you pre-rank your choices and Yahoo! drafts automatically in a snake draft.

An option, to change things up, is a live draft. Don't worry, we don't have to meet in a room. All you have to do is log on to Yahoo! before the draft starts and you have one and a half minute to make your pick. All in all takes about an hour and a half to two, depending on the number of teams.

Finally - and a little more involved - is the question of keepers. Seeing as how this would be the third year of the league and most of our owners return, I proposed to our dear Commish that we should turn our league into a keeper league. A keeper league is the same as a normal league, except you get to "keep" a predetermined number of players from one year to the next. So if you get 3 keepers, you can keep 3 players from your roster going into next year; the rest of the players go back into the draft pool.

Thoughts on any or all?


Sanchovilla said...

I like the idea of keepers...I'll have to give the categories a little more thought.

Gideon said...

Other pitching categories are: K/9, K/BB, BAA (I don't know if Yahoo! has the latter two, but they're good stats).